Preschool – Level 2 Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at the J for Ages 3-6 years

In our group lessons, young swimmers will develop competency in swimming, along with confidence and endurance. Group lessons are based on age, with this class grouped for ages three to six. This lesson is geared for preschool swim lessons level 2.

This lesson is for swimmers who have successfully completed Preschool Level 1 or can do a front float for 5 seconds and a back float for 10 seconds, both without assistance. Swimmer will work on learning freestyle and backstroke along with building endurance to swim 15 yards of these stroke. We also have Preschool Level 1 and Preschool Level 3 lessons.

The SJCC reserves the right to combine or cancel classes when the minimum of 2 participant pairs is not met.

Summer 2023 Offerings

  • Intensive Swim Lessons– Daily Sessions:
    • Daily Afternoon Sessions: Four consecutive days of group swim Lessons Monday through Thursday throughout the summer (unless noted). Lessons offered for 9 weeks during Summer 2023.
    • Daily Camp Katan Morning Sessions: We offer a special morning option of Preschool Levels 1, 2, + 3 lessons for those registered for Summer J Camp: Camp Katan.
  • Weekly Sessions: 
    • Weekday Sessions: We offer weekly morning sessions for our Preschool Levels 1, 2, + 3.
    • Weekend Sessions: Classes meet once a week on designated day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).

Get more information, including detailed schedules, on the summer session of group swim lessons at the Summer Swim Lessons page >>

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