SJCC Mission + Values

Our Vision

The Stroum Jewish Community Center inspires connections that build community and foster Jewish continuity.

Our Mission

Together we create outstanding programs, partnerships, and spaces that welcome everyone to learn, grow, and celebrate Jewish life and culture.

SJCC Core Values

Welcoming Everyone Hachnasat Orchim
“Let your house be open wide.” – Mishnah

A Community of Friends Kehillah shel Chaverim
“Friendship is humanity’s greatest gift.” – Moses Ibn Ezra

Learning Limud
“Who is wise? One who learns from everyone.”  Mishnah

Joy Simcha
“If one is happy, the whole world benefits.” Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav

Respect and Common Courtesy Derech Eretz
“Greet others even before they greet you.”  Mishnah

Taking Care of Oneself, Body and Soul Shmirat haNefesh v’haGuf
“The body is the instrument of the soul, to carry all our works.” Maimonides

Jewish Peoplehood K’lal Yisrael
“We are all responsible for one another.” Talmud