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Summer J Camp offers 60 camps for kids going into pre-k through 10th grade in fall 2022. Find the right camp for your child below. You can search by grade, camp type, or week. To see all camps, just bypass the sort options and scroll through the list.

Note: grades listed are for fall 2022. Pre-k campers must be age four or turning four in the month that they are enrolled. Campers must be potty trained.

For best results, search by Type of Camp (in the first drop-down menu) + Grade + Single Week (in the second drop-down menu).  Or choose just a Type of Camp + Grade to see those options for all weeks.  Do not try and search for multiple grades or weeks simultaneously.

If you’re searching for camp for multiple children and weeks, follow the steps below. For example, if you are looking for camps for both your 1st grader and 5th grader for Week 1:

  1. Select a Type of Camp from the first drop-down menu, if desired.
  2. Select Camps for 1st Graders from the second drop-down menu.
  3. Ctrl-click to also select Week 1 from the second drop-down menu.
  4. This will display all of your selected Type of Camp for 1st Graders during Week 1.
  5. Repeat for each desired week.
  6. When you’re ready to search camps for your 5th grader, click Clear Search and repeat from Step 1.

You can also view/download the schedule grid and search for specific camps below:

NOTE: Registration for each week of Summer J Camp closes the Tuesday before. To inquire about availability, please email

  • Type of Camp

  • Grades + Week (Hold ctrl to make multiple selections)

  • Clear Search

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Get all the information you need for Summer J Camp. Check out the links for more, including a full listing of all our camp offerings.

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From our classic camps like Katan and Kef, to specialty camps thanks to our many partners, there is a camp for everyone! Find your camp >>


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