Launching Our New Access Control System

We’re excited to announce that we’re moving to a new building access control system the weekend of July 7-8, replacing our current system of swipe cards and keypads with proximity-based cards and scanners. This new system will help us better control building access, ensuring only designated people can access each door.

Below is an FAQ with helpful information about the new system and the changes you’ll see around the building.

We hope you’ll stop by for Member Appreciation Week, July 9-13, to get your new access card and to enjoy some delicious treats as a thank you for being part of our community!

Thanks in advance for your flexibility and understanding during the transition. 

If you have any questions, contact Senior Director of Marketing and Facilities Heidi Turner at or 206-232-7117.

When is the change happening?
The new system will roll out this weekend. Starting Monday, July 9, you’ll need a new access card to get into the building.

How will I get my new access card?
Stop by one of our roll-out events! Staff members will be out on the breezeway throughout the week of July 9-13 (between 8-10 am and 3:30-5:30 pm), and it will just take a few minutes for us to assign your new card and take your photo  — and for you to enjoy some treats!

If you can’t stop by then, don’t worry! Someone at the Welcome Desk can assign your card the next time you’re in the building.

How are the cards different?

  • The new membership credentials are proximity-based instead of barcode swipe cards like we currently use, meaning you will hold your keytag up to the reader to access a door.  
    • You will be issued a “prox tag”—a small, adhesive disc that’s slightly larger than a quarter. You can stick the prox tag to your cell phone case or other non-magnetic surface, or we will put it on an SJCC-branded keytag, which you can put on your keychain.


Please continue the practice of “one swipe, one entry” and always swipe your membership card, even if someone is holding the door open for you.

What changes will I see at the doors?

  • Entry/Exit Doors
    • The entry and exit doors will be swapped, so you should always walk through the doors on your right (just like driving a car!). The doors will be clearly marked. This change will lessen confusion and help with traffic flow in the lobby.
    • The card reader at the entrance door has been moved further away from the door to reduce tailgating.
  • Early Childhood School
    • The keypad at the main ECS doors will be removed and ECS families will need their cards to access the door.
    • The tall glass doors from the cafe patio to the foyer will now require an access card 
    • Families with children in Room 101 will now use their membership card to access the classroom.
  • Locker Rooms
    • Access to the men’s adult locker room from the pool will require a card (rather than a code); the card reader will be on the upstairs door.
    • The card reader for the women’s adult locker room will now be at the door to the actual locker room, rather than at the door in the hallway.


What if I lose my card?
Notify us immediately so we can deactivate it. Replacement cards cost $10.

Can I share my card with someone?
No; please do not share your card with anyone. Your card is unique to you, and you are responsible for all access gained by it. If someone on your membership needs a card, have them stop by the Welcome Desk and we can assign them one.