Facility Planning Update

This week we filed a document with the City of Mercer Island, requesting a meeting to discuss redevelopment options for the SJCC. As we all know, the J facility is in need of a significant upgrade, given its much loved and worn 53 year history on Mercer Island. After years of exploration and engagement with the City of Mercer Island, we are approaching the City with design concepts to meet our community’s contemporary and future needs while also staying within a bounded set of building development standards.

This first step of filing activates a pre-application process. It effectively signals to the City that we have design concepts that we want to discuss so that we can truly understand the technical viabilities. We now look forward to meeting with the City to discuss feasible redevelopment options. The results of this meeting will set the path for our next steps.

We wanted to be sure you heard about this initial step and we look forward to keeping the community informed as this process unfolds.