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Shana Tova from the SJCC

Throughout history, we’ve welcomed a new year amidst uncertainty, challenge, and at the same time, phenomenal hope. Here we are again.

In the Jewish year 5781, we experienced virtual holiday ceremonies, discouraging lows, cold winters with friends outside, and virtual connection; the best we could do given the circumstances. We then spent a spring outside, momentarily relishing social engagement, familiar smiles at the J, shared meals, and lifecycle events (simchot).

Now here we are on the eve of 5782, squinting forward with trepidation to a year of unknowns, residual doldrums, and, of course, hope that with each discovery, each administered vaccination, we get closer to a normalcy we recognize — and potentially even a better one than before. Watch this update as we head into fall at the J:

The truth is, we never know what the year ahead holds. It’s just this year we’re humbled by ignorance alongside our insatiable hope. Together we will take measured steps into 5782, relying on our honed resilience as we also relish moments of joy.

It’s a reality that we’re all a bit tired and tentative, and a sweet new year is just what’s needed to bolster our spirits and propel us forward. It will be a good new year, filled with love, progress, simchot, wisdom, and friendship. Revel in those moments.

Shana Tova!
Amy Lavin, SJCC CEO

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