Preschool is About More than Play

The SJCC Early Childhood School is different than most preschools. We embrace the Reggio Emilia philosophy, where children learn through real-life authentic experiences within a social context.

preschool reggio playWhat does that mean? It means we embrace wonder and discovery every day. Children may be in preschool, but they are still competent and capable protagonists in their own learning.

Our teachers educate children on social and emotional levels and empower them to embrace individuality. “Children are given independence and provocations to explore,” says Director, Early Childhood, Carrie Stull. “They’re encouraged to think for themselves.”

Documenting the Preschool Learning Process

One unique pillar of the Reggio-Emilia philosophy is daily documentation. At first glance, this may appear to simply be pictures of cute children having fun at school—but it’s much more than that.

preschool reggio play“Documentation is an explanation of learning,” Carrie says. “It’s not just playing with blocks, it’s about learning through play.”

At the end of the day, our school has three main goals, says Carrie. “We want the kids to be safe, to be loved, and to be learning. If we can ensure all that, we’re doing our jobs.”

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