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Finding a Preschool Community

preschool communityFinding a great preschool for your child can seem daunting. Finding a top-notch preschool where your child can learn, grow, and build their own community—and you can find community too—may seem even more unattainable. But it isn’t! At the Stroum Jewish Community Center’s Early Childhood School, your family will find all that and so much more.

When your child enrolls in preschool at the J, your tuition includes a membership so your entire family becomes part of our community. You get friends to workout with or attend concerts with, older kids have amazing summers at J Camp or shoot hoops with friends after school, grandparents play bridge and attend talks with world-renowned authors.

Being part of the larger J is such a wonderful opportunity for our families, and it’s something you certainly won’t get at most preschools or infant care programs, says Carrie Stull, Director, Early Childhood. “When you enroll in ECS, you automatically belong to the J. And ‘belong’ truly is the right word – you feel like you’re part of something bigger.”

Creating Community-Minded Preschoolers

This sense of community is also something we teach in the classroom. “Community” is one of the values in our school, as well as in the wider J. “It’s important to teach children about being part of a community, about valuing relationships, and working with others,” Carrie says.

Your Preschool Home Away From Home

community preschool

Having two layers of built-in community—both in the school and in the wider J—helps our school feel like home.

“Both the children and the parents have more fun because everybody knows everybody. It’s like a big family,” Carrie says.  “It’s different than just a daycare where you drop your kid off and leave. We want our parents to hang around and be part of the school.”

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