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New ECS Programs for 2020-21 School Year

The J is excited to several new programs in our Early Childhood School for the 2020-21 school year. These programs offer a variety of ways to stay connected to our school whether in-person or at home.

SJCC Kindergarten
The SJCC has offered kindergarten at various times in the past 20 years. As families seek ongoing learning options during this unprecedented time, we believe our SJCC kindergarten program brings the necessary combination of academic and social-emotional growth to keep your child(ren) on course in the coming year. Consistent with the Common Core State Standards Initiative that most states – including ours – have adopted, our kindergarten curriculum will focus on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills students will need to be successful throughout their lives.  Learn more >>

Virtual Preschool
Part-Time Program – Ages 4-6
The SJCC Early Childhood School is proud to offer a virtual learning experience designed to support your child’s intellectual curiosity, emerging literacy and math skills, as well as their ongoing need for social and emotional connections. The curriculum will be Reggio Emilia/constructivist inspired – fostering empathy, compassion, and curiosity about the world.  Virtual preschool includes in-person outdoor meetings twice a month in small groups. Learn more >>

Outdoor Preschool
Part-Time Program – Ages 3-5
The SJCC’s Reggio/constructivist philosophy lends itself perfectly to being outdoors, an environment rich with experiential learning opportunities. Children will begin to understand fundamentals of weather, life cycles, biology, and will appreciate the amazing ways in which people and the environment are dependent on one another. Literacy skills will also be reinforced as children learn names of elements in our natural world. Vocabulary building and letter formation will emerge and expand as children engage in story creation, dramatic play, special art projects and more—just as they do in a typical ECS classroom. Learn more >>