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Expanding Fitness Center Hours + In-Person Group Fitness

Working within Safe Start guidelines, we are excited to announce the fitness center now offers 400 fitness sessions per week for our members, an increase of 113 sessions (per week) from the previous month! In addition, the indoor track will open Oct. 5 with six timeslots per day during the week and 10 on Saturday and Sunday. Remember, the J is still closed for drop-ins and you must register for your workout. Learn more >>

Beginning Oct. 5, we are excited to announce fall offerings of our Small Group Fitness Classes to our members. We will have 11 classes at the J, and in working within the Safe Start guidelines, we have increased the number of participants allowed in each class. That means more opportunities for you! Check out our new classes, including Yoga, Total Body Strength, and Step & Strength with both a cardio and a strength focus.  Learn more >>