All Love, No Lonely








Whether you are 2 or 92 years old, you belong at the SJCC. Here we embrace everyone for who they are and what they bring to the world. Here you see the familiar faces of people you’ve known for years and friends you have yet to meet. Here you are seen, welcomed, and appreciated. Here you feel love, not lonely.

Guided by Jewish values, we offer programs that empower us to be better and unify us as a community. The team at the J works hard to create an environment where:

  • Visitors feel welcome
  • Joy overcomes fear
  • Curiosity is authentic
  • Friendships deepen
  • Discourse is respectful
  • Jewish culture is unifying
  • A sense of belonging is strong

It’s through belonging and connection that we get to know one another, celebrate life, and care for each other. This is increasingly vital as we live in a world where people are often more connected to devices than other people. This digital [dis]connection is leading to mental health issues, isolation, and in tragic situations—like last week’s terror attacks in New Zealand or October’s attack in Pittsburgh—to catastrophic violence. In both cases, we learned that the perpetrators were isolated individuals, spurred by hate.

Contrast that to a place like the J, where members notice each other, smile and talk when they see each other, and check in when someone hasn’t been around lately. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a SJCC member to ask a SJCC staff person about an absent classmate or workout buddy.

Today we celebrate Purim, a holiday celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Loneliness is one modern evil, and here at the J, we commit to defeating hate with love, friendship and community.

Please join us in always taking a minute to connect with each other and the people that make the SJCC a warm, welcoming community. Through smiles, and greetings that become conversations, we’ll get to know each other and each one of us will know that we are a part of a community, built on timeless Jewish values, and growing stronger each day with love.

All love, no lonely.

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