ECS, Photo Gallery

Truck Day 2023

The beloved SJCC Early Childhood School Truck Day returned to the J’s parking lot on Thursday, May 11. Students of our Early Childhood School and friends from the community were given a hands-on day to explore trucks and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the fun:

We had a fire truck, ambulance, various tractors, a bread truck complete with cookies, a bucket truck with yellow hardhats, a brand new Mercer Island School District electric school bus, a police car, a SWAT truck, a street sweeper, and a Humane Society van with kittens onboard. These trucks were made possible by our amazing truck partners, who made the day so special. We can’t thank them enough:

Thank you to all of the organizations and the individuals representing them. Your personal touch made the day perfect. A big thank you also goes to our ECS parent Truck Day Committee: Riley Burton, David Shujman, Dave Greenberg, Justin Merriman, and Mordy Greenspan.

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