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Locker Room Use Expanded: Showers Now Available

Beginning Thursday, April 1, in accordance with Department of Health guidelines, the J will expand our locker room use to include sectioned-off, socially distanced showers. To accommodate these changes, we’re adapting our locker rooms as follows:

  • The women’s/girls’ locker room will remain in the current women’s family locker room on the lower level of the J.
  • The men’s/boys’ locker room will be moved to the locker room on the north end of the pool, formerly designated the women’s adult locker room.

Two shower stalls will be open in each locker room, however, saunas and steam rooms will remain closed. There is no towel service; please continue to bring your own towels.

Thanks for working with us on this new adaptation. Please follow all posted signs for further guidance, and remember that masks are required at all times, except for when in the pool or the shower, even if you’ve been vaccinated.

For complete guidelines, click here >>