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A Pandemic Year

Reflections on the past year at the J and hopes for the years to come with a community that never closes.

On March 15, 2020, the SJCC closed in response to COVID-19. To mark this odd and unexpected milestone, the SJCC is reflecting back at what the past year has been for our community and our hopes for the year(s) to come. Please join us to reflect on this year that we’ll always remember and take stock of the things we don’t want to forget.

Throughout the remainder of March and into the spring, we invite our community to come together in reflection and hope. We hope you’ll join us:

  • Community Conversation: join us for a #VirtualSJCC Community Conversation, where we will gather to reflect, laugh, maybe cry, and share tidbits about our best — and less best — times this past year. More than anything, it’ll be a moment to be together as a community, see each other’s faces and affirm the SJCC community. Join us for “A Pandemic Year: A Community Conversation” on Wednesday, March 24. Register >>
  • 6-Word Memoir Message Board: 6-word memoirs, have you heard about them? That’s right—capture your sentiment in words. Craft your 6-word memoir about this first year of COVID-19 and share it on this community bulletin board through Padlet here >> (also posted below). The SJCC will capture and record community reflections of the past year and hopes for the year to come and this will be preserved in the Washington Jewish Museum, the digital museum of the WSJHS – within their Haggadah Stories in the Time of Coronavirus.* Read more about 6-word memoirs here.
  • #CommunityNeverCloses: As you’ve might have seen through our Achshav annual fundraising campaign: great connections are made and cultivated here every day — even during a pandemic. The J is truly a place where friendships form, traditions thrive, and community gets stronger every day. We will be sharing stories of connection through the next month right here on These stories are made possible by YOU! And we ask for your help! Please do what you can to support this ongoing work. Join the Give Now campaign here >> We can’t wait to see you back here sometime soon!

A Pandemic Year in 6 Words:

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