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A Week of Gratitude and Hope

Here at the J we talk a lot about LIGHT—the way we’re linked to one another, our history and the earth; ways we inquire to learn, grow, explore, and reveal; gratitude for health, sustenance, community, and love; hope for an ever-better future; and tikkun olam, acts we can take to improve the world.

This week ahead is about giving thanks and the story of light and miracles. In a way, miracles inspire hope—that unexpected, barely imaginable, and even unbelievable things can come to pass. And isn’t that what hope is also about?

On Thanksgiving, as we each sit at a table or on-screen (again) with those we hold close, let’s savor the meal, the laughter, the stories, and traditions and take comfort that while still a bit dispersed, we’re sharing this moment of gratitude on a single day across the country. May that joy and gratitude carry us into the first night of Hanukkah on Sunday, when we remember a miracle of light, and may that instill hope. We hope that the world will continue to advance through this pandemic and that we’ll all enjoy more opportunities to gather, celebrate, eat, and learn together without masks in the same space very soon. After all, these traditions create the fabric and memories that hold us together and make us stronger.

The SJCC is incredibly thankful for the children, teens, and adults of all ages who bring smiles, stories, and life experiences to the J. We’re also thankful for the support of the community that keeps the J a thread of tradition through time. We hope to see more of you with every passing day—at one of the many community Hanukkah events we have in store and also at the J.

What a treat to combine these two holidays in a single, long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah.

With gratitude and hope,
Amy Lavin, SJCC CEO

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