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Science Camps

grades 2-8

Science Camps are great for curious campers who want to explore how things work and why. Teachers from Pacific Science Center help young scientists discover chemistry, unlock the science of candy making, bust science myths, and more with their interactive curriculum. Get ready for hands-on experiments that will expand your world!


Spend the Summer in Science Camp!

Laboratory Wizards

Grades 2-4

Abracadabra! Unlock the secrets of the wizarding world as you discover the science of real life magic. Explore chemistry as your potions change color before your eyes, find out if objects can really levitate, and discover the powers of extraordinary plants. Do you dare to try a worm-flavored jelly bean? Have you ever peered into a crystal ball? Jump on your broomstick, navigate the night sky, and make your own magical treats to share with your family.

Science Myths: BUSTED!

Grades 2-4

This week is one giant science experiment! Can you really slip on a banana peel? Will eating pop rocks and drinking soda really make your stomach explode? Can ninjas really walk on water? Using physics and chemistry basics, design, test, and conduct trials to prove or disprove various urban legends and age-old misconceptions. Combine the scientific method with wild curiosity and old-fashioned ingenuity as you explode a week’s worth of myths.

Duct Tape Challenge

Grades 4-6

Can duct tape really fix everything? Find out as we trace the famous tape back to its origins and put it to the test. Complete engineering challenges that investigate its strength and durability. Use duct tape to design a messenger bag and 3D works of art. Discover how this tape made all of the difference on the Apollo 13 space mission, and conduct experiments to get out of some sticky situations. Grab a roll and learn why duct tape is the most versatile and indispensable tool around.

Get Set to be a Vet - Junior

Grades 2-4

Waddle, climb, and soar into a week of life as a veterinarian. Discover amazing features of your favorite creatures as you examine X-rays, study skeletons, explore digestive tracts, and dissect a real sheep’s eye. Get an up-close look at animal medicine and see how a vet figures out what’s ailing a pet. Dogs, cats, horses and lizards… they’re all in a day’s work for a vet!

Splash Science

Grades 4-6

Dive into the wettest week of summer! Create a catapult, predict trajectory, and adjust your measurements as you launch water balloons. Explore salinity, buoyancy, and displacement before building and floating your own boat. With a water blaster and rocket in hand, experiment with water pressure and hydraulics. This is summer water fun at its best…with a physics twist.

Robotic Rangers

Grades 2-4

Join us in the lab to investigate robotics! Discover what makes a robot a robot and how scientists are using them to explore harsh habitats from outer space to the depths of the sea floor. Then put your skills to work! Using Lego® Mindstorms® software and robotic parts, it’s up to you to program your own robotic machines to overcome twisty obstacles and crafty challenges that we create. It’s your mind versus our programming madness!

ChemLab, Inc.

Grades 4-6

Congratulations! You’ve just been hired by ChemLab, Inc. — a world-class chemistry laboratory. Join your new coworkers to conduct research on a variety of household products, test ideas, and make recommendations based on your findings. Analyze endothermic and exothermic reactions and then design an instant cold pack. Extract the chemical components of toothpaste to evaluate their effectiveness and analyze the water density of popcorn. Test tubes, variables, and controls will all be used in this foray into the life of a chemist!

Amusement Park Science

Grades 2-4

If you’re captivated by carnival rides, this camp is for you! Delve into pneumatics, hydraulics, circuits, and motors as you construct miniature models of your favorite amusement park rides. Harness the forces of gravity to construct roller coasters with complex loops, twists, and angles, heightening the fear-factor while keeping your marble on the track. No amusement park is complete without sweet treats, so we’ll use simple machines to create snow cones. Twirl, ride, bump, and dive your way into this thrill ride of a camp!

Rhythms of Nature

Grades 2-4

Get in tune with the rhythms of nature! Recognize patterns and sounds that occur all around you – at the beach, in the lake, and in the forest. Investigate the science of sound and how different animals use sound to survive. Experiment with sound waves, observe tidal cycles and listen for bird calls on a hike. Then, share your new knowledge at a concert starring your own nature-themed songs and hand-made recycled instruments. It’s going to be a rockin’ good time!

Get Set to Be a Vet - Advanced

Grades 4-6

Join us for further adventures into the life of a vet and discover what’s behind a diagnosis. Delve into veterinary science and explore the circulatory, digestive, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems of four-footed patients. Peer through a microscope at bacteria, determine if a disease is hereditary, and dissect different specimens to understand what these creatures look like on the inside. Try out your new diagnostic skills during this weeklong look into the life of a vet. No prerequisite required.

What's Up Doc?

Grades 2-4

The hip bone’s connected to the…what bone? Make your own life-sized anatomy chart, taste food with your nose, and create a model of a cell as you learn the basics of the human body. Practice your bedside manner as you master first aid basics, and glove up for an “operation” when you dissect a sheep’s eye to get a closer look at how vision works. Get ready to explore the ins and outs of a doctor’s day.

Wet and Wild

Grades 2-4

It’s wet, it’s wild, and it’s all in the water! From rivers to wetlands and lakes to oceans, explore and study the many aquatic ecosystems and the unique creatures that inhabit them. Visit local Puget Sound beaches to meet the watery critters who live in tide pools. Uncover the secrets of the salmon life-cycle and build your own watershed. Paddle a canoe and use dip nets to collect tiny aquatic organisms for investigation. By the end of the week, you’ll discover why water is a perfect place for animals to call “home!”


Grades 2-4

Learn how to survive in the wilderness. Armed with a compass and map, find your way through the forest and master water safety on a canoe. Build a shelter out of natural materials and discover the ten essential items you should always have with you in the wilderness. Gather the skills you need to stay safe in the wild, so you’re prepared for the end of the week Survival Challenge.

Young Physicians

Grades 4-6

Are you interested in becoming a doctor? Spend a week as a Young Physician getting a head start on a career in medicine! Make a cast, learn how to take vital signs and try your hand at suturing in this trip through the human body. Compare your bones to those in a cow’s leg and your tendons to a chicken’s. Dissect a sheep’s brain and a pig’s heart and compare them to their human counterparts. Come find out what you are made of!


Grades 2-4

This is a camp you can really sink your teeth into! From composition to construction, see how candy is made, what a cake can teach you about the layers of the Earth and  how candy chemistry can create a 20-foot fizzy geyser. Experiment with different candy shells to find their true colors, then put your taste bud sensitivity to the test as you compare different natural honeys. This exploration of engineering and chemistry will convince you that candy is more than just a tasty treat.

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Karli Schiller
Youth & Family Program Coordinator

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