Strength 101


Get an introduction to strength training and overall fitness in this new teen fitness class. Led by SJCC personal trainer Charles Rind, this class teaches proper weight training techniques, instruction on appropriate set and rep ranges, tips to build cardio endurance and muscle, and ways to make modifications to meet your needs. Charles is an Army reservist who works with individuals getting in shape for their physical entrance exams. This 10-session class will be held Tuesday and Thursday at 5 pm at the SJCC from May 23 through June 22. Ages 14-19. 

About the Instructor

Charles Rind is a NASM certified personal trainer and Army Reserve SGT with five years of military service.  He holds a B.A in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah.  

Charles grew up on Mercer Island and attended the SJCC Early Childhood School. He is currently working towards his Master Fitness Trainer certification for the Army, which will further enhance their skills and allow them to help others achieve their fitness goals in a military setting. 

As a personal trainer, Charles has worked with a variety of clients, helping them to achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Outside of his professional pursuits Charles enjoys golfing, snowboarding, collecting sneakers, and spending time with his family.