2022 Volunteer Challenge

Volunteer Challenge

Join the SJCC Mitzvah Corps for a new year of making a difference with our Volunteer Challenge. From Tu B’Shevat through Passover, we’ll offer a variety of in-person and at-home volunteer opportunities for the whole family. Each time you volunteer through Mitzvah Corps, submit a photo of your family in action. We’ll track participation and the family with the most volunteer activities will be our honored guests at the Community Seder on April 22. 

The challenge kicks off on January 17, when we celebrate a double holiday: Tu B’Shevat and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, two holidays that focus on giving back to our community and our planet.

How to Participate: 

In-Person Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for in-person volunteer activities here >>
Tu B’Shevat Trail Cleanup
Mon, Jan 17 |  grades 6+ | details >>

Pop-Up Blood Drive
Mon, Jan 31 + Tues, Feb 1 | ages 16+

Lincoln Park Clean-Up
Sun, Feb 6 |  all ages

Volunteer Park Work Party
Sat, Feb 12 | all ages

Lambert House Clean-Up
Sun, Feb 27 | grade K+

Food Lifeline
Sat, March 5 | ages 10+

SJCC Purim Festival Set-Up
Sat, March 12 | grades K+

SJCC Purim Festival Event Volunteering
Sun, March 13 | grades 9+

SJCC Kesher Garden Clean-Up
Sun, March 27 | all ages

Mary’s Place
Sat, April 2 | ages 16+

Dinner at Our House
Various dates | grades K+

Rainier Valley Food Bank
Various dates | grades K+

At-Home Activities

Good for all ages

  • Make cards for seniors with FareStart
  • Make cards for kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Make cards for Meals on Wheels (learn more >>)
  • Clean up your local park
  • Collect for the SJCC’s food drive
  • Create a little food pantry in your neighborhood (learn more >>)
  • Create a compost bin at your house
  • Foster empathy – learn about other cultures
  • Bring flowers to a friend who’s having a hard time
  • Donate clothes to a shelter or thrift store
  • Make birdseed cookies

Good for K+

  • Create a bake sale to raise money for charity
  • Build a bee bath

Good for grades 6+

  • Create a Facebook fundraiser for charity
  • Rake leaves or mow the lawn for an older neighbor
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