Maccabi Games

An annual Olympics-style competition for teens

Maccabi Games 2024
The SJCC is aiming to put together a team of athletes to participate in the 2024 Maccabi Games in Detroit (July 28-August 2). If you are interested in participating, please let us know by filling out this form >>

There is a Maccabi Game Q&A session on Sunday, December 3 at 5 pm over Teams.

If you have any questions, please contact Youth Sports + Recreation Coordinator Sarah Stochel.

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About JCC Maccabi

JCC Maccabi is one of the continent’s preeminent Jewish youth-serving and community-building platforms and is crucial in inspiring Jewish identity building, strengthening communal connections, and serving as a key leadership development pipeline. Since 1982, each summer, the JCC Movement has engaged more than 3,000 Jewish teens from across the globe and an additional 11,000+ family members, spectators, and volunteers through the Olympic-style magic of JCC Maccabi, one of the greatest Jewish peoplehood projects of our time.

For the majority of JCC Maccabi athletes, 63% of whom report being otherwise unaffiliated with any other Jewish youth organization, JCC Maccabi remains their primary connection to the Jewish community, global Jewish life, and Israel—creating a remarkable and unmatched opportunity to engage them, support their efforts to build their Jewish identity, and have a significant and lasting impact on their lives.

Thousands of Jewish teen athletes, ages 12-17, and coaches/chaperones who represent communities across the globe, will come together at the 2024 events in Israel, Detroit, and Houston to experience the magic of JCC Maccabi, the world’s largest Jewish youth sports event. This unique, Olympic-style Jewish experience will include sports competitions, opening and closing ceremonies, travel, community service; “Hang Time” for Jewish and Israel programming, social and cultural events, and opportunities to create Jewish connections, friendships, and memories to last a lifetime.

It is the SJCC’s goal to bring one to three basketball teams to Detroit, Mich., for the Maccabi Games there on July 28 – August 2 to represent Team Seattle.

Travel Dates

The JCC Maccabi Games in Detroit will take place from July 28 – August 2, 2024 for athletes ages 12-16.  


JCC Maccabi Games are for Jewish Athletes ages 14-17 or 12-16. All athletes must be Jewish which defines as follows: One of the athletes parents is Jewish and the athlete is being raised Jewish or is a Jew by choice and is being raised Jewish. In the spirit of JCC Maccabi if the parent or child does not believe that they are Jewish on a year-round basis, then the child should not participate in JCC Maccabi programs. In the registration, there is a declaration that contains the eligibility requirements; both the athlete and his/her parent(s) must sign this declaration.

Detroit Sport List:

  • 3v3 Boys Basketball (14U & 16U)
  • Boys Baseball (16U)
  • 5v5 Boys Basketball (14 U & 16U)
  • 5v5 Girls Basketball (16U)
  • Coed Ice Hockey (16U)
  • Coed Golf (16U)
  • Boys Soccer (14U & 16U)
  • Girls Soccer (14U & 16U)
  • Girls Volleyball (16U)
  • Coed Dance (14U & 16U)
  • Coed Star Reporter (16U)
  • Boys Swimming (14U & 16U)
  • Girls Swimming (14U & 16U)
  • Coed Table Tennis (16U)
  • Boys Tennis (14U & 16U)
  • Girls Tennis (14U & 16U)
  • Girls Volleyball (16U)

The Maccabi Experience:

Maccabi is an Olympic-style annual Jewish sport program with over 3000 Jewish teens and coaches known for building Jewish pride and community through sport. There are over 70 delegations across North America, Israel, and the globe! Includes Israel/Jewish engagement such as hangtime, JCC Cares, Midot/values, cultural/social events, and global participation as well as lifelong friendships/connections and Jewish memories.

JCC Maccabi Impact Data:

  • 69% of athletes were not engaged in another Jewish teen organization prior to Maccabi
  • 51% of athletes experienced their first time in Israel through Maccabi
  • 30% of the athletes were female, 70% were male
  • 40% of the athletes were JCC members, 60% of the athletes were not
  • 20% of the athletes went to day school
  • 23% of the athletes went to a Jewish camp