J Camp School Edition FAQ

What is J Camp School Edition?
During the school year, J Camp is a physically distant, supervised, virtual learning environment. We will provide a space for students to do their virtual learning through their respective schools while maintaining the normalcy of being with friends! We will help them log on to classes, work with them on class assignments, and provide permitted, physically distant activities to keep them active when they are not participating in classes or school-related projects.

What are the hours of J Camp School Edition?
A full day is from 8:00 am-4:00 pm.

How much does J Camp School Edition cost?
Member: $375 (per week) | Guest: $415 (per week)

In light of the unique circumstances regarding COVID-19, a $25/week cleaning fee will be added to all registrations to cover the additional costs of more frequent sanitation.

What protocols are you following to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19?

  • Daily screenings: every staff member and student will complete a brief health screening and temperature check before entering.
  • Masks are required for all students and staff.
  • Physical distancing: workspaces will be 6’ apart or more and recreational/extracurricular activities will comply with COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Small cohorts: specific children will be assigned to specific cohorts each week and cohorts will stay together through Friday.
  • Regular disinfection of high touch areas. Increased cleaning and sanitization in our facility.

How will children be assigned into cohorts?
We will not be able to determine how children will be assigned into cohorts until closer to the start of the session. The factors that will determine the groupings will be student age and grade, student school district, common class cohorts, and other considerations.

Do you offer extended care?
We do not offer extended care at this time.

What are the procedures for morning drop-off?
Morning curbside drop-off begins daily at 8:00 am. Upon arrival, parents will pull up to one of a number of unloading stations. At the stations, SJCC staff will check your child’s temperature and do a health assessment. If there are no COVID-19-related health concerns after the assessment, the staff member will escort the child into our facility to wash their hands and join their group. We ask that all parents and kids wait until arriving at the unloading station and remain in their cars until greeted by SJCC staff.

Please note that based on the results of a visual assessment, health assessment, or temperature check, your child might be denied entry into J Camp School Edition on a given day. The camp director will follow up with you if that is the case. It is better to remain overly cautious and vigilant as opposed to taking any chances.

What are the procedures for afternoon pick-up?
Afternoon curbside pick-up begins at 12:15 pm for part-time J Camp School Edition and at 4:00 pm for full-time J Camp. As you pull near the building, an SJCC staff member will ask who you are picking up and radio to the child’s J Camp group. You will proceed to a loading station. Once parked, our staff will check your identification (to ensure you are on the child’s approved pick-up list), and sign the child out of J Camp. During this process, SJCC staff will bring the child to your car, and help them (as needed) get into the vehicle and fasten their seatbelts. We ask that you stay in the car during this time.

What should we bring to J Camp School Edition?

  • Working headset with microphone
  • School materials (textbooks, packets, folders, etc)
  • Laptop or tablet with a charger
  • List of all necessary login and password information
  • School supplies (pencils, erasers, etc.)
  • Vegetarian and nut-free lunch and snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Book(s) to read

Is there anything else that we can do to prepare for J Camp School Edition?
We know this is likely the first time you have brought your child somewhere for distance learning. In order to ensure an easy transition into the school year, we suggest that you:

  • Notify your child’s teacher that they will be learning at the SJCC
  • Set the first screen of your child’s class on their device, so when they arrive they can simply click and start
  • Bookmark everything and save passwords
  • Bookmark approved sites for when learning is completed

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
In recognition of the fluidity of the pandemic, our policy to allow cancellations up to 7 days before the scheduled session begins. In the event that the SJCC cancels or is unable to open J Camp School Edition for any specific week, you will receive a full refund for that session.

I still have registration questions, who do I contact?
Contact Account Services Manager Beth Rosen or call 206-388-1995 if you have questions directly related to registration.

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