Who We Are

The SJCC Early Childhood School creates an environment where children become compassionate, curious, and confident learners. Upon this foundation, lifelong friendships form, traditions thrive, and community strengthens.

Friendships Form

With a common language of curiosity, a values-based approach to community development, and regular opportunities for kids, parents, and grandparents to connect, friendships form early across generations and grow over time.

  • With a focus on developing compassion for oneself and others, children make deep bonds with one another and friendships form that often last a lifetime
  • Child-led exploration provides daily opportunities to find friends who share common interests and passions, a foundation for building and fostering friendship.
  • SJCC programs carry friendships forward into summer camp, basketball, swimming, art, coding, and other forms of enrichment and recreation long past preschool, creating lifelong opportunities to foster friendship.

Traditions Thrive

The SJCC Early Childhood School is an inclusive community, we welcome everyone and our families and faculty come from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.

Jewish values and culture are at the heart of our approach to building community among children and their families. Welcoming everyone, joy, learning, and celebrating together are core SJCC values that underlie all ECS programming.

  • Art, storytelling, and music echo timeless themes and teachings rich with values, respect for one another, and life-framing lessons.
  • Weekly Shabbat community celebrations with song and dance are followed by time to gather together to mark the end of the week, setting aside time to rest and reflect.
  • Hebrew/English bilingual option combines the many benefits of early bilingual education with intrinsically Jewish culture and values.

Community Strengthens

When you enroll your child in the SJCC Early Childhood School, you’ll find programs for your whole family that build the foundation for lifetime friendships and community. From Grandparent and Special Friend Day to community holiday celebrations, there are so many opportunities to make connections.  Families also get a membership to the J and enjoy all the privileges of membership such as access to our Fitness Center, member prices on Arts + Ideas concerts and events, and other SJCC programs.