SJFF 2022 | Shorts Program: “When We See Ourselves”

Curated by Warren Etheredge, artistic director/co-founder of Walla Walla Movie Crush Shorts Film Festival

In-Person Screening: Thursday, March 31 | 6:30 pm | UW Hillel
Virtual Screening: Monday, March 28 – Sunday, April 10

In Judaism, the “evil eye,” ayin hara in Hebrew, is the superstitious belief that a harmful energy is created when one looks at something with envy, judgment, or ill feeling. But how do we as Jews, a critical and self-reflective people, deal with the negative gaze of others? Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You wouldn’t worry about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” This shorts program examines how we perceive ourselves and our character and how we struggle mightily to alter others’ perceptions of us.

Event: Join us for a film discussion with program curator Warren Etheredge as part of the in-person screening. FREE for current UW students.

Guest: Program curator Warren Etheredge of UW Cinema & Media Studies and Artistic Director/Co-founder of Walla Walla Movie Crush shorts film festival. 

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The Films:

Arkadij Khaet, Mickey Paatzsch | Narrative Short | Germany, 2020 | German, Russian w/English subtitles | 30m
A ferocious, comic take on modern Jewish life and tropes, encompassing the Shoah and antisemitism, and culture of guilt, ignorance, and selective memory, as told by a Russian-Jewish teen in Germany.

Caroline Brami and Frédéric Bas | Narrative Short | France, 2021?? | French w/English subtitles | 16m
Julia, an experienced history teacher in a rather quiet high school, faces a school inspector. He wants to talk to her. But what about, exactly? Her heated debates with the principal? The freedom she takes with the school program? Or the way she teaches the Shoah?

Yulya Bezugli | Short Documentary | Israel, 2020 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 5m
A stunning animated film depicting the inner dialogue of a woman converting to Judaism as she first undergoes the mikvah process. Based on the filmmaker’s personal experience and complex relationship to Judaism, her body, and body image.

Tamir Aharoni, Gil McNeil | Narrative Short | Israel, 2020 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 6m
After an ordinary workout at the gym, 70-year-old Tsvi experiences the loss of independence that comes with old age. Though the situation might seem dire, Tzsvi refuses to give in to his fate. A sensitive and humorous claymation short film on the indignities and fantasies of aging.

Ron Baranov | Comedy Short | Israel, 2021 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 14m
On Mount Herzl, Israel’s historic national cemetery, an Israeli soldier must deliver a eulogy to a fallen soldier with the help of an Arabic-speaking groundskeeper.

Tomer Shushan | Narrative Short | Israel, 2019 | Hebrew w/English subtitles | 20m
A man finds his stolen bicycle, which now belongs to a stranger. While attempting to retrieve it, he struggles to remain human. This Oscar-nominated short film was made with the help of Israel’s Eritrean refugee community.

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