Mike Schaerer | TV Drama Miniseries | Switzerland, 2020 | Swiss German w/English subtitles | 6 episodes, 50m each | PG

Virtual Screening: Monday, March 28 – Sunday, April 10

Film: A binge-worthy epic saga of a textile industrialist’s family dynasty, this blockbuster period drama is filled with slow-boil intrigue and uncomfortable truths that challenge the myth of Switzerland’s neutrality during WWII.

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Full Film Details:
A binge-worthy epic saga of a textile industrialist’s family dynasty, this gripping six-part miniseries inspired by true yet little-known events persuasively challenges the myth of Switzerland’s neutrality during WWII. Johann, a boy from modest beginnings, has hit the jackpot by marrying the boss’s daughter, Klara, and ultimately gaining a foothold on the social ladder. He is poised to modernize his future father-in-law’s troubled textile factory, but classism permeates every corner of the company. The boss’s bourgeois siblings resist his leadership and new ideas. With his back against the wall, Johann approaches some unscrupulous war criminals. Meanwhile, his brother Egon, employed at the attorney general’s office, captures Nazi fugitives, and Klara cares for displaced Jewish children who have reluctantly been granted refuge in the Swiss countryside. All quickly discover the façade of Switzerland’s neutrality and realize that their future success may require colluding with former war criminals. Writer Petra Biondina Volpe (THE DIVINE ORDER, Switzerland’s Oscar submission for Best Foreign Language Film in 2017) delivers an authentic blockbuster and period fresco that twists and turns as shark-infested waters slowly boil to an explosive conclusion.

Director Bio:
Mike Schaerer was born in Aarau, Switzerland. He studied directing and cinematography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Since 2000, he has worked as a professional editor and director in Switzerland on more than 30 films. View on IMDB.

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