Nitsan Tal | Documentary | USA, 2019 | Hebrew, English w/English subtitles| 73m | G

Virtual Screening: Monday, March 28 – Sunday, April 10

Film: An Israeli artist and TED fellow travels to Uganda to make art with Hebrew-speaking South Sudanese children raised in Israel and deported to Africa. When resources are limited—what is the real value of art? Great for teens!

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Full Film Details:
When Raffael Lomas, an Israeli artist and TED fellow, travels to Uganda to make art with South Sudanese children raised in Israel and deported to Africa, he forges unexpected connections and wrestles with the value of art. This complex and layered story follows a group of extraordinary young refugees as they overcome adversity and build hope for the future. They are supported by a team of people whose hearts they have touched, including Raffael, whose own history of depression and struggle led him to practicing art to repair human connections and, in this case, the ruptures of forced emigration and displacement. When resources are limited, and the need is great—what is the real value of art? Is art merely about aesthetics, or does it possess the potential for social change? Raffael is tortured by this question, but ultimately, the children must answer it. 8000 PAPER CLIPS is a moving testament to the power of creativity to overcome and transform trauma.

Director Bio:
Nitsan Tal was born and raised in Israel, in a Kibbutz. She studied photography at the New York Institute of Photography and the International Center of Photography and later filmmaking at the School of Visual Arts and New York University. Her documentaries emphasize the human condition and often focus on the work of nonprofit aid organizations and NGOs she volunteers with. Her films include IT TAKES BALLS (2013), WRITERS MATTER, about a nonprofit organization working with inner-city school children in Philadelphia, and 8000 PAPERCLIPS. View on IMDB.

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