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The 27th Seattle Jewish Film Festival runs March 24-April 10, presenting in-person and virtual films and events.

Buying Tickets | In-Person FAQ | Virtual Screening FAQ | Troubleshooting + Tech Tips

Buying Tickets to the 2022 Festival 

This year’s hybrid festival offers both in-person and virtual options, so you can choose what works best for you. Almost all films are offered virtually to watch anytime during the two-week festival; once you hit play, you’ll have a streaming window of 48-72 hours to watch, depending on the film. Several films also have in-person screenings and special events.

  • Passes are hybrid all-access, granting priority single admission to all in-person films and events PLUS virtual household access to all streaming films.
  • Single ticket buyers will select in-person or streaming tickets
  • 8-Pack holders must select in-person or virtual tickets when redeeming credits.
  • 6-Pack is for virtual access only.
  • NEW! Hybrid Add-On: when selecting in-person tickets, you can choose to add-on virtual household access to that film for an additional $5 to provide greater flexibility.

How do I buy tickets?
From each of the individual film or event pages, you can follow the Buy Tickets link where you can select your in-person or virtual tickets. Visit the SJFF Box Office page for a full list of rates for tickets, passes, and packages along with current Box Office and venue policies.

Film Tickets Festival Passes


In-Person Screenings

Accessing the venue
Doors open and the festival’s on-site box office generally opens 30 minutes before showtimes. Pass holders get priority entry up to 15 min before showtime but are not guaranteed seating after that. Ticket holders, please print tickets at home or have them ready on your mobile device.

What are your COVID-19 protocols for in-person screenings?
Please review our SJFF Box Office + Venue Policies and the SJCC Welcome Back page for the latest COVID policies, protocols, and updates so we can keep the community safe and connected at all venues.

Virtual Screenings

How do virtual screenings work?
1 Ticket = 1 Household = 1 Device = 48 Hours (72 for TV Series)
Your ticket provides access for your entire household to watch the film once on a single device. If others plan to watch the film from other devices or locations, additional tickets will be needed. If you receive a free ticket from someone else, you will need to enter the voucher code here to watch.

When are virtual films available to watch + how long do I have to watch them?
Almost all virtual-only films will release on Monday, March 28, at midnight, will be available until Sunday, April 10, at 11:59 pm. Patrons have only 48 hours after hitting play to watch their film (TV series have 72 hours). If you do not finish your film in 48 hours, you must purchase a new ticket. Virtual film access expires for everyone on Sunday, April 10 at 11:59 pm whether you’ve completed your film/series or not, so plan your viewing time accordingly. Once you start watching a film, you may start and stop as long as you continue on the same device (in the same location/Wi-Fi), but you cannot watch/finish a film past the 48-hour cutoff time. Tickets must be purchased at least two (2) hours before the streaming window closes.

Are there any exceptions to this schedule?
Our Opening Night (Virtual) Film is available for just 48 hours, from March 24-26, and must be viewed within that window. The Centerpiece Screening at the Paramount Theatre is only in person and will not be available virtually.

How do I get my virtual tickets?
Once you purchase a virtual ticket, you will receive an order confirmation email, containing links and instructions to access the film during the streaming window (if already available, you will receive a link to “watch now” after purchase). If this is your first time purchasing, you will be prompted to set up a login and password. This will enable you to create a patron account, where you can log in to view your order history or access watch links for your available content. If you do not receive the confirmation email(s), please check your spam or junk mail for “Seattle Jewish Film Festival” or “Elevent” (donotreply@mail.goelevent.com). If you still cannot locate the email(s), log in to your patron account to confirm the transaction was processed and view your order history and find watch links for films that are currently available for streaming. Need more help, contact boxoffice@sjcc.org or call 206-388-0833 (during regular business hours). It may take us 24 hours to reply.

How to watch my virtual films?

For Single Ticket + Package Holders:
Ticket purchasers will receive a Virtual Access email one (1) hour before your purchased film is released with a link to “View SJFF Online” and a voucher code.* When the film viewing window opens, your film is available and you can start streaming: simply follow the link and enjoy the film on the same device. If you purchase a film that is currently streaming, your purchase confirmation email will contain a live watch link so you can start watching right away. Once you have started watching a film on one device, you cannot use the link/code on another device. If you do not receive a Virtual Access email, check your spam or junk mail folder for “Seattle Jewish Film Festival” or “Elevent” ( donotreply@mail.goelevent.com). Still can’t locate the email(s)? Contact boxoffice@sjcc.org for help.

*Note: Voucher codes are required only if you are either trying to watch on a SmartTV using the Elevent TV app, (available on Roku or AppleTV, details below) or if want to “gift” your ticket to a friend, who must enter that voucher code on the SJFF Watch Portal as long as they reside in the geographic region for that film screening (see below).

For Pass Holders:
Pass holders can access all the films in the festival by logging into their virtual watch portal, using the same email and password registered for your original purchase. Once logged in, you will see all the films in the festival and if they are available they will have a “watch now” button.

Can a virtual screening sell out?
Due to caps on the number of views permitted, virtual screenings have capacity limits and can sell out. We encourage you to purchase/redeem tickets as soon as possible to prevent missing out.

Can I watch my film from anywhere in the U.S.?
Some filmmakers and distributors dictate the geographic region where their film may be viewed, so it varies from film to film. Geoblocking (geographical parameters) will be specified in the film description and if you are outside the region, our ticketing system will warn you. Some films are restricted to WA State or certain states and regions (i.e., Pacific Northwest, West Coast states). Location is determined by your device’s IP address (where you are watching from) not your billing/mailing address.

Can I finish or watch my film if the 48-hour window has expired?
Sorry, no. Your 48-hour viewing window (or 72-hour window for TV series) begins once you press play. Please pay attention to the time when you begin your film so that you finish within the window. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions once the viewing window expires.

Can I purchase a ticket for someone outside my household?
Yes! You will receive a confirmation email with a voucher code; simply forward this email to the gift recipient. They can go here and then enter the voucher code you provided for them to watch the film.

Are there any Filmmaker/Special Guest Zooms?
Yes! Check our Special Events for more information. If a film includes a Zoom program, all ticket purchasers and pass holders will be automatically registered for the event. You will receive an email from Zoom one (1) hour prior with an access link and instructions to join the Zoom program by computer or phone. Only those with virtual or in-person tickets to that film screening will receive this invitation. If you did not get the link to join within one (1) hour from the start time, please check your junk mail or spam folder for an email from SJCC Marketing or Zoom (subject “Virtual Cinema Zoom”) or contact boxoffice@sjcc.org for help. Zooms are generally recorded and available after the program on our SJCC Arts + Ideas YouTube channel. So, if you miss the live Q&A, you can usually watch the recording later. Visit the Zoom Help Center for troubleshooting and additional video tutorials

Troubleshooting + Tech Tips

The following tips are meant to help acclimate customers to the SJFF Virtual Cinema streaming platform, chosen for ease of virtual film delivery. We are able to support issues with ticketing and streaming access but we cannot support individual device and Internet challenges. Please first try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in our FAQ, and if you still need help, email boxoffice@sjcc.org with details and your phone number. We will do our best to get back to patrons in 24-48 hours. Please identify the film and issue in the subject line. Don’t panic!

What devices can I watch on?

  • Computers: PC running Windows 7+ or Mac running OS 10.12+
  • iPad or iPhone: Any iPad or iPhone using Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. Note: you must have “Screen Mirroring” turned OFF for content to play
  • Android tablet or phone: Any tablet or phone using Chrome on Android 6.0 or later
  • TV using an HDMI cable: Watch a quick video to learn how to connect your laptop to your TV this way to watch
  • Roku or Apple TV: Download the Elevent TV app. Once downloaded, enter your film’s voucher code (sent in your Virtual Access email) to unlock and watch your VOD film through these devices. Watch this video from our friends at the Austin Jewish Film Festival.
  • Using Chromecast: Select the cast button on the bottom right-hand side of the player.
  • Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. We recommend using the latest version of your chosen browser.
  • If you have a private VPN network at home, you must turn it off or your video will not play.

Why does the film stall or not play smoothly?
Bandwidth is often the culprit. If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent, you may experience problems during playback. Before viewing, we recommend you close all competing apps/browsers/devices, and then launch a singular window/app for film viewing. Competing household users will slow Wi-Fi down too. Try moving closer to your router, try a different browser, or clear your browser cache. If you are getting slower speeds, try resetting your internet router or contacting your internet provider’s technical support.

Watch basics: Our friends at the Austin Jewish Film Festival are using the same virtual delivery platform (Elevent) and have created some great instructional videos on how to order a film and how to use the Elevent TV app (available on Roku and Apple TV devices). Click here to watch their video demonstrations and get answers to some frequently asked questions.

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