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K-1st Grade

June 18-August 24, weekly

Camps for kids going into kindergarten or 1st grade in fall 2018.

From our signature camps to specialty camps run by our amazing partners (Pacific Science Center, Smart with Art, and artist Ellen Hochberg), J Camp offers a variety of options to keep your kids active, engaged, and laughing all summer long!

If you have questions, contact Camp Director Shoshanah Horne or call 206-388-0830.

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June 18-August 24, weekly
Member $320, guest $360

Katan days are filled with art, science, drama, cooking, storytelling, and outdoor exploration. These campers enjoy low camper-to-counselor ratios, have tons of fun, and get relaxing downtime to recharge.

Field trip examples (subject to change)
KidsQuest Museum
Pump it Up
Beach parties

No camp Wednesday, July 4. Price that week: members $275; guest $315


K-5th grade
June 18-August 24, weekly
Member $320, Guest $360
“Kef”means fun in Hebrew, and that’s exactly the kind of summer you’ll have! Active group games, energetic song circles, messy science experiments, and creative art projects. Plus just for Kef: you pick electives (called chuggim), so you can focus on your favorite things—or try something new!

We group kids according to grade, so activities are age-appropriate. We all come together for field trips and other activities during the week.

Field trip examples (subject to change)
Mariners game
Lynnwood Recreation Center
Elevated Sportz

No camp Wednesday, July 4. Price that week: members $275; guest $315


K-5th grade
June 25-August 24, weekly
Member $320, guest $360
Experience camp through the lens of Israel and Israeli culture. Not only will you enjoy our traditional camp programs, your counselors―all native Hebrew speakers―lead you on explorations of the art, food, and atmosphere of Israel, all in Hebrew.

The majority of this camp will be conducted in Hebrew, and almost all of the participants are native Hebrew speakers. This camp is best-suited to kids who already speak Hebrew fluently.

Field trip examples (subject to change)
Green Lake
Henry Moses Aquatic Center

No camp Wednesday, July 4. Price that week: members $275; guest $315

Sports Camp

K-5th grade
June 18-August 24, weekly
Member $320, guest $360
An action-packed camp for athletes of all kinds. Through scrimmages and drills that emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork, you’ll fine-tune your skills and learn new sports (like baseball, football, and lacrosse), so there’s something for every skill level.

We group kids according to grades, so all activities are age-appropriate. Each afternoon, we play an all-sports camp game, which brings all ages together to play traditional camp games like capture the flag and kickball.

Field trip examples (subject to change)
Local parks and beaches
Seattle Storm game
Pump It Up

No camp Wednesday, July 4. Price that week: members $275; guest $315

Performing Arts Camp

1st-8th grade
June 25-August 24, three-week sessions
Member $780, guest $880
Love to dance, sing, and act? Then this is the camp for you! Express yourself, hone theater skills, and problem solve as you create a show for friends, families, and campers. Play imaginative theater games, explore new dance styles, sing showtunes, and get more com-fortable performing on stage.

Offstage, you’ll swim, enjoy boating and archery, take weekly field trips, and more. Make this summer your moment to shine!

Field trip examples (subject to change)
Museum of Pop Culture
Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle Center & IMAX

No camp Wednesday, July 4. Price that session: members $730; guest $840

Spanish: Viaje a España

June 18 – June 22
Member $380, guest $420
Explore the places, food, and art of Spain through the language. We’ll play games, cook, do arts and crafts, perform skits, sing, and have fun—all in Spanish.

Language camp powered by Sponge.

Circus - FULL

June 25 – June 29
Member $380, guest $420
Enter the big top as we design clown paintings, circus animal collages, and discover all the fun and action the circus has to offer. Explore sculpture, artful recipes, and more as we integrate stories and music into our week.

Art camp powered by Smart with Art.

Mandarin: Tales of the Monkey King

July 2-July 6
No camp July 4
Member $325, guest $370
China’s favorite superhero is Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. Learn to speak some Mandarin as we help this Chinese cultural icon fight evil using his superhuman strength, speed, and transformative abilities (though he never could hide his tail). 

Language camp powered by Sponge.

Color My World - FULL

July 9 – July 13
Member $380, guest $420
Discover the color wheel, color mixing, and more in this rainbow-filled week. You’ll make tie-dye creations, paint with JELLO and colored ice, and create artful recipes that are both colorful and delicious.

Art Camp powered by Smart with Art.

Secret Life of Pets

July 16 – July 20
Member $380, guest $420
Join us on a pet adventure and get ready to spoil your furry friends. Paint a portrait of your favorite pet, bake edible treats for your pet pal, and design wearable art.

Art camp powered by Smart with Art.

Japanese: Seasons & Celebrations

July 23 – July 27
Member $380, guest $420
Learn how to introduce yourself in Japanese, and how to talk about activities, weather, and so much more—all in the context of Japanese celebrations. Build listening and speaking skills, develop language-learning strategies, and broaden
your understanding of Japanese culture and language.

Language camp powered by Sponge.

Crazy Contraptions - FULL

July 30 – August 3
Member $380, guest $420
If you’re the kind of kid who can make something from nothing, and everything from anything, then test your skills designing a wacky machine with ramps, levers, pulleys, and other simple machines. We’ll build, test, re-test, and then combine the machines together at the end of the week to make a super-machine.

Science camp powered by Pacific Science Center.

Smartest Artists - FULL

August 6 – August 10
Member $380, guest $420

Color! Sparkle! Dazzling light! Make a kaleidoscope to reveal the mysteries of reflection and refraction. Experiment with mixtures and solutions while concocting paints and dyes to test on a variety of textures and textiles. Create your own masterpiece and experience science from a whole new perspective.

Science camp powered by Pacific Science Center.

Teddy's Grand Adventure -FULL

August 13 – August 17
Member $380, guest $420
Embark on a journey with your new stuffed friend, Teddy, and explore the world of science careers. Each evening, Teddy will venture out to make discoveries and then return to share photos, activities, and stories with you the next day. Practice treating Teddy’s ouchies at the doctor’s office, become a zookeeper to investigate animals, design an airplane to soar through the clouds like a pilot, and don your parka for a scientific expedition to the Arctic. At the end of the week, Teddy will join you at home for adventures of your own.

Science camp powered by Pacific Science Center.

The Big and Small of It - FULL

August 20 – August 24
Member $380, guest $420
Ever wonder how large outer space is? Or how tiny a speck of stardust is? We’ll compare the large human body to its smallest cells and discover the most massive creature on Earth and the microscopic organisms it feeds on. Expand your mind on the big and small wonders of science.

Science camp powered by Pacific Science Center.

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