Inspiring Jewish Journeys

The SJCC Early Childhood School is an inclusive community; we welcome everyone. We approach Judaism from a pluralistic perspective with great focus on the customs, traditions, and holidays of the religion. We naturally integrate Judaism’s middot and mitzvot, or morals and values, into our classrooms and school and we believe Judaism’s core values are truly universal.

Our families and faculty members come from varied backgrounds. Our children come from homes where one parent is Jewish, both parents are Jewish, and where neither parent is Jewish. We have faculty members of both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds. Our families and faculty members come from a variety of countries and backgrounds that lead to a wealth of cultural knowledge and a diversity of languages. We believe this diversity is what brings our community together and Judaism is a common ground for us to be united culturally.

The Jewish calendar guides us and helps us deepen our connection to the rhythms of each day, week, month, and year. For example, the light and sweet spices of Havdalah provide us with a sweet beginning to each week and braiding challah and coming together for a community lunch on Shabbat provides us with a meaningful closure to the week. In the same way, planting seeds on Tu B’Shevat (the new year for the trees) leads to a community harvest on the fall festival of Sukkot. Each holiday is celebrated through learning its history and participating in cultural traditions: food, song, dance, and the creation of ritual objects. The way we explore the holidays leaves room for everyone to identify with some aspect of the story or traditions.


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