ECS Playground Equipment

Fund Bright, Fresh, Inspired Play at the J

Help us create nature-inspired wonderlands for our little explorers!

At SJCC’s Early Childhood School, we believe that every child deserves a space to play, explore, and connect with nature. With your help, we can enhance the outdoor play spaces in our school for your kids—and generations of ECS children to come.

The Little Lumberjack Village and Mini Mountain Climber are magical playground pieces designed especially for children 6 months to three years old. Built with natural materials, this equipment offers sensory delights, connecting children to the earth in the most tactile and engaging ways. These pieces invite little ones to touch, feel, crawl, and climb on nature, fostering a love for the environment from a young age and providing much-needed gross motor opportunities. We also hope to purchase additional shade structures for our older children’s playground to provide a cool reprieve from the hot summer sun we’ve seen more of the past few years.

Every dollar you contribute brings us closer to turning this dream playground into a reality. Join us in nurturing the love for nature and creativity in our little learners.

Thank you for helping build our new wonderland.