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Achshav! Together let’s restore the J to solid financial footing

As you know, COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the Stroum Jewish Community Center of Greater Seattle. Programs have been cut, staff has been reduced, and our ability to build community through in-person interactions is on pause in so many ways. We’ve lost $2 million dollars in revenue since March – and the programs we run cost more than ever because of limits on the number of participants, and the required cleaning and safety protocols.

Despite the challenges, the J has continued to serve our community, because, more than ever:

Now, can we count on you to support these efforts?

Because of the J…

the stories are endless, the impact is infinite and the time for your support is now! Here is the impact of giving to the J and helping insure a #CommunityNeverCloses:

  • 2021 ECS Completion Ceremonies (6/18/2021) - On June 17 and 18, the SJCC's Early Childhood School held completion ceremonies for its PreK and Kindergarten classrooms. We were so excited to be able to welcome immediate families back to the J to celebrate with their children.
  • President Responds to Inauguration Letters (6/9/2021) - During the week of Joe Biden's inauguration as 46th President of the United States, members of Ms. Schuman's kindergarten class at the J's Early Childhood School wrote him letters. And this week they got a response. Enjoy!
  • Because of the J: Barbara and Laura Crawford (5/3/2021) - Barbara Crawford and her daughter, Laura, depend on the SJCC pool for both their physical and mental well-being. When it reopened, they were eager to suit up. “The pool was a godsend," said Barbara
  • Because of the J: The Garden Feeds Our Community (4/21/2021) - The SJCC Kesher Community Garden has been a beloved part of our campus for the past decade, and this past summer it became a lifeline for those experiencing food insecurity.
  • Because of the J: Frank Martin (4/2/2021) - When schools closed due to COVID-19 last March, Frank faced three bored kids at home needing attention, and a team of employees depending on his business for their livelihoods. When ECS reopened last July it provided much-needed stress relief—and a path forward.
  • Because of the J: The Gandert Family (3/30/2021) - Working from home and managing two young girls was a challenge for the Gandert family. Now that ECS has reopened, they're grateful for the education, community, and normalcy their kids are enjoying - even in this difficult year.
  • A Pandemic Year (3/15/2021) - On March 15, 2020, the SJCC closed in response to COVID-19. To mark this odd and unexpected milestone, the SJCC is reflecting back at what the past year has been for our community and our hopes for the year(s) to come.
  • High Holiday Celebrations (9/24/2020) - The J community came together in new ways to celebrate the High Holidays in 2020, here are some snap shots from us "gathering" in all new ways as we welcomed the new year.
  • ECS – Welcome Back! (9/14/2020) - The J's Early Childhood School began the 2020-21 school year on September 8, and we were sure happy to welcome back our students and their families! Here is a look through the lens of our first week back at school.
  • Summer Fun at the J (9/4/2020) - Smiles returned to the J this summer! Washington's Safe Start plan allowed the J to start opening back up to our community this June and we were so happy to see our community back at the J.

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