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As the SJCC navigates the State of Washington’s guidelines for mitigating the spread of COVID-19, this is your go-to spot for the latest policies and procedures for each of our departments, and the broader SJCC facility. Thank you for helping us keep our community healthy and safe.

For latest news and information about the COVID-19 and the impact on the J, visit our Stay Healthy page. Here you can find the latest videos on our reopening plan. We have also compiled a list of resources for local and state agencies on the pandemic and additional information handy to have. Check it out!

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If you have any questions, please contact Senior Director, SJCC Experience Dana Weiner.

For Everyone Entering the J

Please review these new policies and procedures so you know what to do before you come to the J and what to expect once you’re here. You’ll find specifics for each department and program below.

  • At this time, access is limited to current SJCC members only (Interested in becoming a member? Learn more.
  • Members will be asked to complete a revised member agreement and waiver.
  • Before heading to the J, please assess your health with a pre-screen of yourself and your family members. If you do not feel 100% well, but please stay home and call your doctor.
  • Travel Guidelines: The J is following the CDC’s travel guidelines. As of April 6, no post-travel quarantine is required for those who are fully vaccinated. If you have traveled out of town within the past 10 days, please review this chart to determine whether you are allowed to come to J.
    • “Fully vaccinated” is defined as being two weeks or more past the final dose of the vaccine (2nd shot for Pfizer or Moderna; 1 shot for Johnson & Johnson).
    • We will ask members/guests to show their vaccination card (or a photo of it) to verify the date, but will not keep a list or a copy.
    • Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated (including having had only the first of two shots or is less than two weeks out from the last shot) must either quarantine for 7 days and have a negative PCR test at day 3-5 OR quarantine for 10 days without a test before returning after travel.
  • Upon arrival, we will take your temperature with a no-touch thermometer and ask you a few health-related questions.
    • Should you refuse to have your temperature taken, or if we have any concerns that anyone may be carrying the coronavirus, we will ask you to go home and return another day.
  • Masks or other appropriate face coverings are required at all times while in the building. Face covering exceptions include:
    • Children younger than 2 years old.
    • Those with a disability that prevents them from comfortably wearing or removing a face covering.
    • Those with certain respiratory conditions or trouble breathing.
    • Those who are deaf or hard of hearing and use facial and mouth movements as part of communication.
    • Those advised by a medical, legal, or behavioral health professional that wearing a face-covering may pose a risk to that person.
    • For more information, visit the State of Washington Department of Health web page.
  • Maintain a 6-foot physical distance.
  • Please follow posted signs as entry points, traffic patterns, and instructions may change.
  • Additional handwashing stations are located throughout the facility.
  • Fitness access (fitness center, basketball + racquetball courts, indoor track, fitness classes, lap swim) is for members only. Other activities and events are limited to registered participants; guest drop-ins are not allowed.
  • Saunas, steam rooms, and hot tub remain closed.
  • Water fountains (the bottle-filler will be available) – please bring a full water bottle.
  • Towel service – please bring your own towel.

Fitness Center + More

Fitness Center Subhead

As of March 22, the state of Washington is in Phase 3 of  “Healthy Washington–Roadmap to Recovery” guidelines. Per these guidelines, we are able to increase our Fitness Center capacity and text reservations are no longer required for Fitness Center use. The fitness facilities at the J are available for members only. Please note, other than the Fitness Center, access to all other areas – including basketball, family swim, fitness classes, lap swim, and racquetball – are still by RESERVATION ONLY.

The Fitness Center is open to members anytime during the following hours:

  • Weekdays: 7 – 11 am and 3-7 pm 
  • Weekends: 8 am – 3 pm

See more HERE.

Locker Room Subhead

Beginning Thursday, April 1, the J will offer modified locker room and shower access to members. Working in accordance with the Washington State Department of Health’s Roadmap to Recovery phased reopening guidelines, the J is allowed to offer locker room access as well as sectioned-off, socially distant showers. To accommodate these guidelines, we have made adjustments to our existing locker room space.


  • The women’s/girls’ locker room will remain in the current women’s family locker room on the lower level of the J.
  • The men’s/boys’ locker room will be moved to what was the women’s adult locker room on the lower level of the J.
  • The upstairs men’s adult locker room will remain closed, and the downstairs adult/boys locker room will now be closed.
  • Two showers will be available for use in each locker room.
  • There will be no towel service, please continue to bring your own towels.
  • Locker access is day-use only (any locks left overnight will be cut and removed).
  • All saunas and steam rooms remain closed.
  • Masks are required at all times in the J, including on the pool deck and in locker rooms, except for when in the pool or in the shower.
  • For complete guidelines, click here >>

We offer one-on-one virtual training per the latest state guidelines. Contact your trainer to set up a session or if you’re new to personal training, email Senior Manager, Fitness, Josh Cross to sign-up.

  • We’re setting up designated training spaces within the fitness areas
    • Client/trainer pairs will be spaced out.
    • Equipment will be sanitized before and after each workout.
  • Trainers and clients will be asked to wear a mask at all times and to maintain a six-foot physical distance.
  • Please come dressed for your workout; access to family locker rooms is limited to swimmers. Showers remain closed.
  • Bring your own towel and water bottle.

Learn more about our personal training program HERE.

  • We continue to work with “Healthy Washington–Roadmap to Recovery” guidelines to add to our small group fitness class lineup.
  • As of March 22 with the move to Phase 3, fitness classes will be limited to 10 individuals.
  • We continue to add to our line-up, so check back to find a class just for you.
  • Small group fitness classes at the J: Line-up and Registration Information  | Weekly Schedule
  • The J also offers a line-up of #VirtualSJCC Online Fitness Classes. Learn more >> 

Swimming/Indoor Pool

We’re offering limited lap swim sessions between 7 am and 6 pm, Monday through Friday, and from 8 am to 10:45 am on Saturday and Sunday.

  • As allowed by State of Washington public health guidelines, lap lanes will be split between two swimmers, allowing up to 8 spots per timeslot; reservations are required.
  • Swimmers may reserve 1 spot per day.
  • Each swimmer must register individually; household registration is not allowed.
  • You must register each time; recurring reservations are not allowed.
  • Family locker rooms are open for changing only. Showers remain closed.
  • Bring your own towel and water bottle.

Find the full lap lane schedule and information on how to register HERE.

Family swim is available on Saturday and Sunday in 45-minute timeslots beginning at noon (12 pm); the last timeslot starts at 2:15 pm.

  • By registration only.
  • Limited to four families per timeslot.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 2:45 pm
  • Sessions are 45 minutes.
  • Families may reserve 1 spot per day.
  • To reserve your spot, text the timeslot code to 888-663-3752.
  • Registration opens 23 hours in advance of each timeslot and closes one hour before the start time.
  • You must register each time; recurring reservations are not allowed.
  • Before your first time back at the J, you’ll be asked to sign an updated facility use policy and waiver.
  • Family locker rooms are open for changing only. Showers remain closed.
  • Water fountains are closed.
  • There is no towel service; please bring your own.

For complete pool schedule and registration information, click here >>

Private/semi-private lessons and group swim lessons are available.

  • Private lessons are one-on-one with an instructor.
  • Semi-private lessons are limited to people from the same household.
  • Group swim lessons are limited to four swimmers.
  • Bring a towel, goggles, and water bottle. There is no towel service. Water fountains are closed.
  • Family locker rooms are open for changing only. Showers remain closed.
  • All children ages 5 and above will be dropped off at the health screening desk by the main SJCC entrance. An Aquatics staff member will take children to the pool and return children to the health screening desk after lessons.
  • Children should come prepared to swim, wearing their swimsuit. Aquatics staff will return children in their swimsuit, please bring plenty of dry towels.
  • Only one adult is allowed in the building with a young swimmer.
  • All equipment will be sanitized after each lesson.
  • For all new swimmers (ages 3-5 years old), a parent will be required to be in the water with the child.
  • To maintain physical distancing, instructors may:
    • teach from the pool deck
    • use a flotation device in the water
    • ask parents to assist their child in the water.
  • Anytime an instructor is working directly with a student they will wear either a face mask or face shield.

Find more information about private swim HERE
Schedule and registration information for group swim lessons can be found HERE.

Lifeguard Safety Protocol: Per the American Red Cross COVID-19 lifeguarding protocols, the lifeguard in the lifeguard chair does not wear a mask. We have positioned the guard chair on the pool deck in such a way as to ensure physical distancing. When lifeguards rotate out of the chair or if a guest approaches them, they’ll put on their mask.

Early Childhood School

The Early Childhood School is open for currently enrolled students. Please be sure to review the policies above that apply to everyone visiting the J.

There will be many changes as we follow new and evolving licensing, Public Health, and CDC recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. A few of the changes you will see include smaller group sizes, daily health and temperature checks for children and adults, outside drop-off, more frequent handwashing, and extra cleaning and sanitizing. Families, please check your email for details. Email ECS Director Carrie Stull with questions.

J Kids

Please be sure to review the policies above that apply to everyone visiting the J.

J Camp – School Edition

J Camp – School Edition (formerly known as J-Cation) is a weekday remote learning program for kids in K-8th grades. Kids come to the J to do their virtual learning, get help with schoolwork, and play with their friends — all at a safe distance. These programs are structured with COVID-19 protocols at the fore including:

  • Daily screenings: every staff member and student will complete a brief health screening and temperature check before entering.
  • Masks are required. (Please see list of exceptions above.)
  • Physical distancing: work spaces will be 6’ apart or more and recreational/extracurricular activities will comply with COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Small cohorts: specific children will be assigned to specific cohorts each week and cohorts will stay together throughout the week.
  • Please be sure to review the policies above that apply to everyone visiting the J.

Learn more + register for J Camp – School Edition and other J Kids programs here >>