Green Initiatives

The SJCC strives to be a green community, or k’hillah yarukah.

Throughout the J, you will find bins clearly labeled recycling, compost, and trash. The J Café has also adopted k’hillah yarukah by using compostable napkins, straws, and flatware, and recyclable cups and lids. We ask our members and visitors to join us in this initiative by taking the extra time to make sure waste is being discarded in the correct receptacle.

History of K’hillah Yarukah

The K’hillah Yarukah program began in our Early Childhood School. In 2009, ECS parents Amy Wolff and Nancy Weil started a Sustainability Committee. Their main objective was to create a recycling and composting program in all 17 classrooms of our Mercer Island Early Childhood School. Within three months, the amount of garbage collected in the school was reduced by more than half; recycling doubled. The Seattle Early Childhood School also implemented the recycling and composting program. The rest of our Mercer Island campus soon followed suit.


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