Entry Updates

New Mask and Vaccination Policies

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, the SJCC is updating our vaccination, screening and masking requirements for entering the Stroum Jewish Community Center (SJCC). This information can also be found at our Welcome Back page.

Starting October 1, the SJCC will require proof of full vaccination1 for all people age 12 and older. Between now and then, we’ll take steps to acclimate the community to this new policy. Here’s the timeline:

Monday August 23, 2021:

  • Masking will be required everywhere at the SJCC, regardless of vaccination status, compliant with the updated WA state law
  • Digital or verbal health attestations will continue every day

Friday, October 1, 2021:

All visitors 12+ years of age must show proof of full vaccination upon entry. To show proof of vaccination2/3, show your vaccine card, a photo of your vaccine card, or use the myIR.com tool, sanctioned by the Washington state Department of Public Health.

  • Register for myIRmobile.com: MyIR.net
  • Then go to www.myirmobile.com on your phone
  • Log in, click “Go To Documents”
  • Click on the “Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination” and see your “pass”
  • Be ready to show this pass each day you visit the SJCC. Take a screen shot or go to the site daily
  • All visitors <12 years-old will need to have a completed daily health attestation
  • Masking protocols for all will follow Washington state law

Please visit our Stay Healthy page to keep current on all COVID-19 mitigation protocols, and email danaw@sjcc.org with specific questions.

Thank you for working together to keep our community healthy.

1. Full vaccination is two weeks past a fully completed vaccination regimen.
2. Given the recent recommendation for a booster shot, we anticipate the definition of “fully vaccinated” to change. Our practices will change accordingly.
3. Medical exemptions will be honored with proof of medical exemption upon entry. Details coming soon.

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